Thursday, December 22, 2011


The race is on for the national Republica/Democratic conventions. Here is where the hidden wire pullers
will pay millions for votes of both party delicates. Indeed, this is where Lucifer will barter for the souls of
men and at times ladies. This class of obliging political whores will sell their souls to Satan's well planted
insiders. Whichever sycophant of either party is selected, and finally lounges upon the dome of Washington,
will bring his gang of hustlers to join the so-called Chief of State in his won position, enjoying each other's
after party flatuations. Thank goodness that this crew will never hold the keys to our two pseudo-partie's
treasure vault. No political whore should ever be trusted to enter any public outhouse without wearing a
muzzle. Yes, all such characters are most like bandits of outhouses. Recollection reminds many of the late
Niccolo Machiavelli in his ' PRINCE. '

And the present condemnation of scoundrels on our national political stage continues to move the circus
of political whoredom to the limits; our Republic is in grave danger. America is absolutely commie controlled.
to the highest alien bidders of universal finance. Karl Marx's dream has come home to meet him. for his call
for the workers' of the world to unite for you have nothing to loose but your chains. SOCIALISM !

Speaking from his tomb Machiavelli cries through a contemporary surogate : " This indicates the tecknique
modern Machiavellians in having their own stalking horse grasp the leadership of their opponents, and then
as thei own veiled and hidden action is gradually unfolded, have their Pied Pipers oppose them on spurious
and superficial reasons in such away as to obscure and conceal as far as possible the real reasons and
objectives; thereby confusing and confounding the real opponents and leading them into a swamp of futility.
Absolutely, this is the Disunited States of Amerika. Our national Temple of Democracy was never for sale,
but now has been sold to an encroahing global machine of progressovr Orientalism dispotism'